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 Every year, come mid-December, when the fonts of snow and ice reign in the high plains of the West, like the coat of a white steed broken, no longer green, a notion takes hold of man.  It is something beguiling, simple, like the remembered kiss of a love long lost.  It never quite leaves, though comes on strong upon a pondering or chance encounter.  It is something we try desperately to explain, through gesture, craft, stories, and gifts.  We tell the story over and over, adding nothing new, only building toward the skies our tradition.  The Christmas season, dear friends, is upon us.
·  Amid that white landscape of flake, The Grapes & Friends arose, as if out of a dream.
·  They looked to the blank expanse around them and headed south, leaving miles of track in the fresh, fresh powder.
·  They arrived at a small “hole in the wall”, knowing a great magic lie there.
·  But, as with every light, there must be darkness.
·  And even though the Grapes shine one of the greatest lights in the land, a blackness plagues them.
·  It is a blackness, that year after year, with the help of friends like you…
·  …they have been able to defeat it.
·  Jack Frost: a creature of no mortal bounds.
·  He vows to stop the Grapes from bringing their Christmas cheer year after year.
·  On the first year, he froze the band mid-song, but was overcome by the crowd's CHRISTMAS cheer.
·  Year Two: Jack Frost froze Adam in the middle of another song, and we didn't think that we could get out of it.
·  We don't remember much, cause we were under a spell…
·  Jack Frost: “SING MY MINIONS!!!!!"
·  Luckily, Grammy-award winner Jose Feliciano was there, and he helped save the Grapes & Friends.
·  He single-handedly gave a great Christmas toast and then led the Grapes & Friends in “Feliz Navidad”, breaking Jack Frost’s wicked, icy spell.
·  They rejoiced, believing Jack Frost to be vanquished.
·  Year Three: Jack Frost returned again, his magic being a powerful type.
·  Jack Frost hit Adam with a snowball (again).
·  Jack Frost: "I've got you again Grapes & Friends!  Let’s see you pull out of this one without the help of your dear friend, Jose Feliciano!"
·  Adam: "Jack Frost?! Yer tricks don’t work on us anymore! With all the Christmas spirit in here, your freezing powers are useless."
·  Then Adam turned to the band and tried to get them to play "Feliz Navidad"
·  But the band couldn't play. They we're frozen. Again. Three years running.
·  Jack Frost: "Don’t you think it’s peculiar that you remain unaffected by my icy hand? But your band is incapacitated?"
·  Adam: "I guess that is strange. I've never really thought about it before…"
·  Jack Frost: "That’s because…”
·  Jack Frost: "Adam of the Grapes & Friends, I am your father!"
·  Everyone was just blown away. Every year when we got frozen, we always wondered why Adam didn't.
·  Adam didn't take it too well. He was pretty shocked about the whole thing.
·  And Jack Frost escaped in the commotion.
·  Year Four: we were on the lookout the whole show for Jack Frost.
·  Things were looking great. We even had Santa Claus there to help us keep Christmas cheer at an all-time high
·  During “Feliz Navidad” we brought Santa Claus to come up and help us sing the song.  Or so we thought…
·  Little did we know, Jack Frost was disguised as Santa Claus the WHOLE TIME!
·  Luckily, the real Santa showed up just in time to run up on stage and punch him right in the face.
·  Got him good with a quick right hook.
·  There was blood everywhere.
·  The crowd’s spirits rose at the sight, and the Grapes & Friends played on.
·  Year Five: The Grapes & Friends were serious about stopping Jack Frost.  They put up wanted posters all over town and hired the toughest men they could find for security.
·  But Jack Frost, like the ice that he is, slipped through.
·  Adam immediately took action, summoning the powers of “Feliz Navidad”.
·  But for the first time, it did not work.  The band remained frozen.
·  All, that is, except for Barry.
·  He summoned the strength to lead the crowd in the coolest rap in all the land, imbibing them with the Christmas spirit.
·  Barry: “Scoot, Scoot, Scoot, Scoot down the chimney top.”
·  And the band joined in.
·  Jack Frost retreated.
·  And all was well once more, at least for another year…